Honey, I’m home!

   As many of you know, I moved away from my childhood home to my new home at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor! I was both excited and nervous to make this transition, but I have just completed my “welcome week” here and I must say, I LOVE it and I’m completely at home!

  My roommate moved in a few days before me, and I moved in a day before official move-in, due to organizations we are involved in. Throughout the week, we met in “family groups,” which consisted of incoming freshmen in our major and upperclassmen “cru leaders” in our major. It’s been a week and we are already so unbelievably close- we really are a family. With our family groups, we got to participate in many games (I happen to be very competitive, as I was reminded of this week) like the “Crusader Cup,” and the “Color Games,” with other family groups on our team as our colors- ours was yellow (and we WON-of course). We also competed for “first family” by doing crazy things (like serenading random Welcome Week Leaders, singing loudly and randomly in Bawcom, rapping, reciting bible verses, cheering for people throwing away their trash, etc.) to win “welcome week money,” and though we didn’t have the enough to wind first family, we had a blast and I did things that typically contradict my shy and reserved nature- see college really does help you grow!

We also learned about the school through many sessions and had amazing services, a student organization fair, a block party complete with a concert from the amazing Hunter Rea Band & many many prayers. 

 The most meaningful part about UMHB so far, other than the traditions, is the emphasis on faith and growing in our walk with Christ. Going to a school that is so focused on faith definitely makes the transition easier- and so do all of the incredibly kind people! Today, we went to church with our family groups to start “church-hopping” to find a church home as we enter our collegiate years and I absolutely fell in the love with the one we attended today, I could really feel God speaking to me. We also ate lunch with some of the faculty- and let me tell you- they are SO nice! I’m full of excitement and am totally and completely sure that I have been brought to the university I’m meant to be at. Tonight, we had an amazing worship service with all of the other freshmen groups in our chapel and then became Crusaders Forever at dubbing (did I mention we are he largest freshman class in UMHB history?!). I will admit that I teared up a bit because I was overwhelmed with joy and pride for the purple, white and gold. 

Classes start tomorrow & so it is hitting me that I was not attending church camp all week, but I’m extremely excited to see what the semester entails! I am no longer the nervous incoming freshman, I am just an excited freshman who is ready to work hard and hold on to every moment and tradition in my next short 4 years here. If you’d like to know more about this amazing school, do not hesitate to ask me because I’d love to share with you how it is already strengthening my relationship with God and others. 



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