Fellowship of the Cru

  I’ve been in college for almost 6 weeks now and in my time here, I’ve gotten the chance to be involved in many organizations and events that make my heart so so happy! One of the best things about going to a Christian college, other than the strong focus on faith and leadership, is the fellowship and relationships you’re able to form through fellowship- and UMHB holds endless opportunities for just that! I’m going to talk about a few of the things I’m involved in, partly as a life update but also to encourage those who are in High school and are applying to colleges to consider what organizations the colleges they apply to offer & find ways to get involved once on campus-  because being involved is SO much fun!

   My week starts on Sunday, when I attend C-Life in the morning at TBC, and then I get to meet with Drama Ministry at the BSM (Baptist Student Ministry) on Sunday evenings. In the drama ministry, I get to hang out with people who share common interests (drama) to put together human dramas and skits that glorify and praise the Lord at the same time (how cool)! We’ve been working for a few weeks, but I’m so excited for the things we may be doing in the future!

  If you remember my welcome week post, you may remember I mentioned my family group. Well, my family group and I share a freshman seminar class, and many of us eat lunch together, study together, and keep up in a group message now and then- like a family! This was our first big opportunity at fellowship at welcome week and many of us formed great friendships that we still carry with us!

  Monday’s are jam-packed with classes from 8-5, and then I get to hang out with a ton of amazing people at Stunt Night practices and I’ve already met so many new people in the past week! This isn’t a year long activity, but we got to jump right in and I’m so pumped to see how the freshman class skit turns out!

   Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s, I have practice for Sader Belles, which is the dance team at UMHB. I’m so happy and blessed to be a part of this team, because I love every person in it and it was the very first thing I was thrown into as a freshman (way before welcome week) and has helped me to become involved from the very beginning and encourages me to stay in shape. I can’t forget to mention the bonds it has built and how I’ve gained so many people to go to if I have questions- as many are in the same major as me! We dance together, laugh together & pray together (3 of my favorite things!) does it get any better than that?! Another great part of Sader Belles is that we dance at all the home games, so as a group we exhibit spirit and support for our school, and it’s such a fun way to be involved because you can feel the energy and be a part of the action of all the Crusader football games! 

   Every Thursday night at 9pm, UMHB has “Worship in the Quad,” and I absolutely LOVE it! While we have chapel as a requirement on Wednesdays (which is also amazing), Worship in the Quad is much more intimate & raw. A bunch of students choose to take a break from their studies to sing praise to the Lord and listen to the testimonies of other students for an hour a week. I’ve already talked to a few people after sessions have ended and built strong bonds with them. Everyone who comes really wants to be there and will pray with you, and it’s helped me find accountability partners and prayer buddies, which I’m so thankful for! Worship in the Quad has been so helpful to me for relieving stress from a long week and helping me get through my Friday classes- and making me feel closer to God. As you know, where 2 or more are gathered, God is there, and I truly feel his presence every time. Nothing brings you closer to other people than worshipping together, and hearing what my peers have been through in their walks with Christ is so beneficial, because it rejevunates my faith by showing how God works & reminds me that I’m not the only one who struggles. 

   Friday afternoons, on weeks we don’t have a football game, I’m able to participate in the BSM’s Hospital Ministry, which really has  warned my heart as well. Every week, the Hospital Ministry drives over the the Scott & White hospital and walks trough the waiting rooms, offering prayers to families and their loved ones who are receiving care. In the time I’ve gone, I’ve seen people’s spirit’s be lifted as they thanked us and willingly let us pray for them & it feels so amazing to help ease people’s nerves as they wait. Prayer is such a powerful thing so it’s amazing to see it at this capacity while actually praying for people we do not know. I’m so thankful for a school and BSM that has such great leadership and creates ministries such as this, because it is so humbling and helps fellowship grow among peers and locals. 

    I guess the purpose of this post was just to show how grateful I am to have the opportunity be involved in a few of MANY amazing organizations and to be able to build fellowship and grow in Christ with my peers. I highly encourage everyone to go out and find an organization (or two) to get  involved in to build fellowship with, because college (and life) would be extremely difficult without it! 

“So if there is any encouragement in Christ, any comfort from love, any participation in the Spirit, any affection and sympathy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind.” – Philippians 2:1-2

Thanks for reading and Go Cru!

Xoxo, Cassie

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