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Blessed to be Stressed

   I am blessed to be stressed. This may be an odd sounding statement, but it's very true.    As a college student, I know that I'm guilty of complaining about how stressed I am. Dealing with classes, organizations, homework, practice, working out and life can be quite hectic, but not impossible.      In… Continue reading Blessed to be Stressed


A Letter To Our Veterans

Dear US Military Veterans & active duty servicemen: Thank you.  Thank you for dropping everything to serve our country.  Thank you for giving up the luxury of being with your family every day.  Thank you for putting your life on the line to defend our freedom.  You have given up so much so that we… Continue reading A Letter To Our Veterans

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One Nation Under God (part two)

I wasn't going to make a "part two" initially, but the day came and I had a few more thoughts that tied in with my previous blog on the topic. I'm keeping this one pretty short & sweet, but I just felt the need to write down my thoughts. If you want to read my… Continue reading One Nation Under God (part two)

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The Testimony Effect

   Growing up in the church, I often heard people speak of their testimonies, or the story of their relationship with God, at church and camps, but it wasn't until fairly recently that I realized how much impact their words can have on me.      Most preachers or church camp speakers mention their testimony… Continue reading The Testimony Effect