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One Nation Under God (part two)

I wasn’t going to make a “part two” initially, but the day came and I had a few more thoughts that tied in with my previous blog on the topic. I’m keeping this one pretty short & sweet, but I just felt the need to write down my thoughts. If you want to read my previous thoughts from this summer, you can find it here

   The day has finally arrived that we elect our new President for the next 4 years. There has been much controversy surrounding the election season and I am not going to delve deeply into any of the details of it because I’m sure you all are just about sick of thinking about the chaos of it all. 

  After today, we will know whether the Republican candidate Donald Trump, or the Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton, will be our next leader. The results of the election obviously are making some people nervous due to the fact that people all have different opinions on who the best choice is, but I for one am not too concerned, because in the end, they are just the president and only hold office for the next 4 years (unless re-elected, of course). Regardless of which candidate received the most electoral votes, they do not hold infinite or sole power. Because of checks and balances and separation of powers between the president, Congress and the Supreme Court, we need not worry about totalitarian leadership- the President has limited power and can only do so much. The one who does have all the power reigns in Heaven and over all of the earth and he reigns forever. Ultimately, God is in control and in the end, he is the most important. As Ronald Reagan once said, “if we ever forget that we are one nation under God, we will be a nation gone under.”

Our wonderful land of America is so divided right now because of politics, but we do need unity. Unity that only happens through the power of God. We must trust him and ask for his help because we really need it. Pray for America & for your fellow Americans so that we can put our differences aside enough to love and respect EVERYONE and to bring back the emphasis of God in our country.  If you’ve read my older blog posts, you may have read this and it may sound redundant, but I’m going to say it again anyways: we need to keep God in our country if we want to remain ONE & if we want to remain INDIVISIBLE. I bring this up because I’ve witnessed people losing friends over political opinions and it’s sad to see that happen. I’ve had disagreements with the opinions of others, but I respect anyone who has one and backs it up and uses their vote to make their voice heard. It’s okay for us to disagree because we are humans and we all have different minds and experiences, but God has called us to love our neighbors and share his love with those surrounding us- and we can’t do that if we divide our selves away from each other. We are all Americans, we’re all one people. 

   I also think it’s important to address that we should be showing each other the love of God through our actions and not just our words. While our new president will be the one in office, we the people will be the ones living here under their leadership, and we must find a way to treat each other as fellows  and neighbors, not strangers and outcasts. 

  Remember friends, this election is not the end all be all, and life will go on. But please pray for our country as well as countries around the world because we all need it and could all use some spiritual healing from the craziness of the world in general. Have a blessed day, y’all!

 “LORD, the God of our ancestors, are you not the God who is in heaven? You rule over all the kingdoms of the nations. Power and might are in your hand, and no one can withstand you.” 

-2 Chronicles 20:6

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