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I am a vessel

I am a vessel, slowly drifting through an expansive and mysterious ocean.
It’s easy to get lost;
To drift further and further from the shore out into the dark, deep unknown.

I’ve faced stagnant waters, where nothing seems to be changing, and I’ve faced rough waters with crashing waves so fast and powerful that it feels I may capsize- or even sink.

I’ve been stranded, feeling completely lost and alone;
But I was found.

My creator sent me the coordinates to send me sailing back in the right direction.
He put out buoys to guide me so that I do not drift too far.

He cast his love over me, anchoring my soul in his amazing grace.
I may drift and I may be knocked around,
but the Lord, my God, will not be shaken.
He is the mighty anchor that keeps me from disappearing & losing all hope.
And for that, I am truly grateful.

I am a vessel, anchored in the miraculous and gracious love of Jesus Christ.


Thank you for reading this that I wrote recently. Remember that God is a strong and trustworthy anchor who covers us with grace and fills us with hope!

God bless,

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