Holy Week/Easter Weekend: A Week In My Life

••• This is not the type of post I typically do, but I love looking at lifestyle blogs and seeing the little trips & weekly reflection journals some people do and decided to make my own! I want to start posting more regularly, so I thought that incorporating some fun lifestyle-blog inspired posts would be an easy way for me to do that and explore other creative outlets than my more “thought-provoked” or planned posts- this one is just for fun, as I think blogs should be! Come along with me on my little adventure. •••

Easter 2018: Weekend In My Life

Wednesday 3/28: 79th annual Easter Pageant.

My school, UMHB, has an annual tradition of students doing a dramatic re-enactment of Christ’s life, death & resurrection. It’s a beautiful and powerful event, and this year I got to participate as a member of the crowd with my peers! I am currently working on a post inspired by this experience that’ll be up soon- so watch out for it. If you want to see the Easter Pageant, it can be viewed here. It was a long, beautiful, emotional, exhausting & powerful day. God is SO good!

Good Friday, 3/30: Prayer Gardens.

On Good Friday, I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to load up on a bus full of people from my home church for a road trip to Kerrville, Texas to visit the Coming King Prayer Garden. It was absolutely stunning, serene and filled with God’s presence. The town was settled by German immigrants, which is why you’ll see German translations in photos below (the culture is all through the town, it’s so cute!) We snapped a few photos, prayed and wrote on prayer rocks as a group so that our requests would continue to be prayed over by others who visit the prayer garden. We then drove down to the edge of town to visit a pretty little creek before stopping for some dinner and heading back to our hotel to sleep!

Saturday 3/31: Enchanted Rock State Park.

Like Friday, we got up before the sun to drive a few towns over to Fredericksburg, Texas, another German settler town. We arrived around 9am to get in the cue for the Enchanted Rock State Park & then we began the climb! I’m severely out of shape, but I made it to the top in about 30 minutes, thankfully. It was a beautiful 65 degree, breezy morning that made the journey to the top much more enjoyable. Once we explored around the top edges of the Rock a bit, the “kids” of the group- some college students like me, others in high school- decided to navigate our way through a dark, tight cave, which was super fun. After leaving Enchanted Rock, we headed to downtown Fredericksburg to do touristy things & tried some AMAZING German food before loading up the van and heading back to Houston to rest up for Sunday morning.

Sunday 4/1: Easter Sunday.

Today was not as busy, but it sure was lovely! My mom & I went to our home church for Easter service to celebrate the resurrection of our God & savior, Jesus Christ! Easter Sunday is a day well spent with family & being thankful for the lives we get to live free of the debt of sin because Jesus PAID IT ALL! We had a nice roast for lunch and were joined by my older sister, her boyfriend & some friends from church. After a couple of rounds of “Apples to Apples,” we did what anyone would do on a Sunday afternoon- nap! Unfortunately I had to get up and study for a chemistry test I had the following Monday, but after such a great weekend, it wasn’t so bad. After all, the tomb was empty, Christ lives on, and I’m thankful for the opportunities he’s given me!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter celebrating the ultimate sacrifice and the defeat of sin and death. He is risen, indeed! Until next time,

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