Digging Up Roots.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is scary, but it’s necessary. You never know what new environment can help you grow more than ever before. Sometimes you just need a little fresh soil…

A few weeks ago while on a mission trip in England, we worked on the garden of an elderly couple from the local church. We spent the day in the sun digging up weeds and overgrown plants as a group, leaving only dirt behind. We were cleaning up the yard and leaving a blank canvas for new plants and grass to be put in at a later date. While working, I could hear the Lord speaking to me and using our physical actions as a metaphor.

You see, as we were digging up physical roots, God reminded me I need to work on digging up my own roots. I need to expand my horizons, step out of my comfort zone and find new soil to grow in.

Traveling abroad and being immersed in a new culture to share Christ with people I’ve never met and work with local churches to help them expand their ministry was no easy decision for me. It was terrifying and completely out of my zone of comfort. I’m quite a shy individual who often struggles making friends due to fear of rejection, social anxiety and difficulty approaching strangers. That being said, I felt God put this country on my heart years ago and he orchestrated his plan to call me here and I took one leap of faith to obey. I am now back for my second time and as I reflect, I have seen many seeds planted and being continuously nurtured. And while I see God working in the community here, he is working on me just as much.

I have seen and experienced things here in England that I never had before, which changed my perspective on the world and my faith. It’s taught me to be even more thankful for the life I have. It’s inspired me to be bold and branch out in my daily life to reach the hurting, lost and broken people in my community. I’ve grown closer to God because I was so far out of my comfort zone that I no choice other than trusting in him.

It was tough to put aside my Bible-belt Texas roots and step into a completely different culture- one I couldn’t picture actually existing because of my comfort where I’ve always been. The experience, however, has opened my eyes and set my soul ablaze- emboldening me to keep digging and moving and growing. Seeing a country that doesn’t have a high prevalence of Christianity or spirituality at all is a wake-up call. Wakes me up to what’s changing at home and abroad. Encourages me to share the message of hope and truth and love. It’s also taught me the appropriate way of going about doing so- so as not to force it or cause offense. I just want to love God and love others. And introduce people to the promise of God so they can choose to befriend them if the wish- as many of us need hope and love to cling to.

The reason I’m sharing this is because it’s a result of digging up roots. God called me to England, but he also calls me to be a light here in Texas and America. I’m not saying everyone needs to go overseas because we all have different callings in life. I’m not saying to physically leave where you’ve always been- but I am encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone. Speak to people you’ve never spoken to, volunteer to work an event you never have before, sit with someone new. Dig up your roots and leave your bubble of comfort. Search for new soil that will nurture your soul so you can truly bloom. Find a place to plant new seeds of hope and share Christ’s love.

Til next time,

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