Chasing God, Not Perfection.

I think we all like to think (or at least pretend) we have our lives together. We act like we are more put together than our neighbors when deep down inside, we know we are not.

Friends, it’s time to wipe off this facade. Stop pretending you are perfect! Look, just because you’re a Christian, doesn’t mean you have “it all together.” In fact, it probably means you don’t have it all together, because you need Jesus…

Generally speaking, I consider myself to be a very accepting, non-judgmental person. Usually I am.

Usually, not always.

We all slip up. We are human. We may not be proud of it, but we make mistakes.

I caught myself gossiping. I literally heard the words “I don’t mean to be judgy, but-“ slip out of my mouth. It didn’t even register with me until after I said it. 5 minutes later, I thought to myself, “Jesus wouldn’t say this.” I felt appalled, disgusted, ashamed.

You guys, that’s sin. As soon as I recognized how worldly and superficial I had acted, I felt ashamed- and that’s okay. It’s good, actually.

Shame is not the best feeling, but it means you are able to distinguish for yourself when you’ve done wrong without someone else having to point it out for you. I believe it’s definitely a nudge from the Holy Spirit, but it’s derived from you and your connection with him, not you & another human being who is convicting you for your sins.

Upon realizing my petty gossiping, I was able to address to myself something I needed to work on. I recognized a problem I’m having that I need God to help me with.

Friends, if you catch yourself doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing & you feel guilty, I encourage you to do some introspection and pray on it. Ask God to help you stop doing that thing. Your “self-convictions” are there for a reason.

Let the Holy Spirit guide you & don’t feel ashamed to confess to your community that you’re struggling & need some accountability. Don’t worry about what “some Christians” might think of you for slipping up- or sharing your slip m-ups, rather, but think of how the Lord can work through you.

You can’t fix a problem without first addressing the problem.

The enemy wants you to continue in a sinful cycle, he wants you to be imperfect and feel like that imperfection keeps you away from God’s Grace- but that is a LIE.

If anything, I’ve found that the things that make me imperfect have made me pursue God more, bringing me closer to him.

Christians aren’t perfect & we don’t have to be perfect for God to accept us. God wants us to pursue him in order to be more like him, so it’s okay if you don’t have a reputation of perfection. I don’t know a single person who does.

Don’t be afraid to admit you’re not perfect- it’s quite freeing. I know I’m not & I’m not here on my blog trying to appear to be. I am messy & broken & loved by the creator of everything. He sent his son to die because we’re not perfect.

So please, don’t stress yourself out trying to put on this façade of perfectionism, or by chasing perfectionism. We can’t do this alone. Seek God, no perfection.

Friends, join me in your imperfection & let’s walk through this crazy adventure called life together. Let us not be afraid to admit we have flaws & let us know that God loves us anyway.


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