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I am a vessel

I am a vessel, slowly drifting through an expansive and mysterious ocean.
It’s easy to get lost;
To drift further and further from the shore out into the dark, deep unknown.

I’ve faced stagnant waters, where nothing seems to be changing, and I’ve faced rough waters with crashing waves so fast and powerful that it feels I may capsize- or even sink.

I’ve been stranded, feeling completely lost and alone;
But I was found.

My creator sent me the coordinates to send me sailing back in the right direction.
He put out buoys to guide me so that I do not drift too far.

He cast his love over me, anchoring my soul in his amazing grace.
I may drift and I may be knocked around,
but the Lord, my God, will not be shaken.
He is the mighty anchor that keeps me from disappearing & losing all hope.
And for that, I am truly grateful.

I am a vessel, anchored in the miraculous and gracious love of Jesus Christ.


Thank you for reading this that I wrote recently. Remember that God is a strong and trustworthy anchor who covers us with grace and fills us with hope!

God bless,

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Letter to High School Seniors:

As a recent high school graduate (class of 2016), I thought I’d share a few thoughts with incoming seniors. 

This year is by far the hardest, yet greatest year of high school & it truly does fly by in the blink of an eye!

There is so much to be done: college applications, college visits, scholarship essays, FAFSA applications, various AP exams, homework assignments and retakes of the SAT/ACT in order to bring your score up. All of these things can bring to you anxiety and stress, as your family may be constantly in your face asking “what are your plans after high school?” “What college are you going to attend?” “What do you want to major in?” And many other questions you do not know the answer to. You may feel overwhelmed and think to yourself “when is graduation?” on a daily basis. From the beginning of the fall semester, you will claim to have “senioritis,” only to realize it doesn’t really kick in until mid second semester, after all of your college, scholarship and FAFSA applications have been submitted and you no longer have the will to do anything. You become more and more annoyed by the underclassmen, assignments and being in high school, period. This is normal but please, do not wish it away. Take in all the time you have left walking those halls and seeing those faces that you may never see or speak to again upon graduation.   Besides, along with all of your stressful deadlines and senioritis, there are many wonderful things to look forward to, like: your last home football game, senior picnic/class field trips, shouting your class graduation year and the part of your school song reserved for seniors, prom, graduation and project grad, and everything else in between! This year, you’ll likely meet tons of new people and become friends with people you wish you had met so much earlier- spend as much time with them as possible and build strong connections with them so that you may stay in touch with them after graduation. 

Lastly, this is your year of lasts and your life is about to change immensely, whether you are going off to college, joining the military, going straight into the work force or even taking a “gap year” to find yourself, you are going to have to take on different responsibilities, meet new people and face many new challenges that you didn’t have to deal with in high school. Take in this one last year, because no matter how much you tell yourself otherwise, you will miss it, so you might as well make the very best of it. Make memories, meet friends, enjoy your youth. Life is short, so don’t wish it away too fast. Don’t leave anything to be “what-if.” Be outgoing, appreciate the people around you & build strong bonds with them so that you have people to talk to when you visit home. I promise it’ll be worth it. That being said, good luck in your senior year of high school and your adventures that follow! 

College will be great, if you’re planning on going, I love it! I know it’s that time of year where many of you are getting accepted into schools and putting hashtags of your future school in your bios (I know because I did it too) and that’s all very exciting, but don’t think more about what’s happening a year from now than what’s happening in the now. I understand wanting to graduate and go to your school already, because I felt the exact same way, but college is hard & you will have days where you miss certain things about high school. Whether it’s your friend, a teacher, Friday night lights, a sport or club, or just the overall easiness of high school classes (I REALLY miss that). Enjoy your last year and try to make a lot of memories to close out this chapter in your life. And enjoy having your parents to cook, clean, do laundry and care for you when you’re sick, because in college you WILL definitely miss that! Have a great year, graduation will be here before you know it so keep your grades up & don’t succumb too much to senioritis if you want those scholarships! (I know you la Porte people are stressing over the grant packet- I applied for about 15 last year and it was exhausting but SO worth it, hang in there!) Remember that you have SO much going for you & God does have a plan- and I also believe in you. You’ve got this!

Now here I am sharing a few photos of my favorite senior year memories!


My last school musical
Elementary to Seniors- longtime peers!
Dance friends take on top 100


A Letter To Our Veterans

Dear US Military Veterans & active duty servicemen: Thank you. 

Thank you for dropping everything to serve our country. 

Thank you for giving up the luxury of being with your family every day. 

Thank you for putting your life on the line to defend our freedom. 

You have given up so much so that we have the freedom to live our lives and exercise our rights, and for that I’m eternally grateful. 

You are special people that God has provided us, and I’m so appreciative that you have the heart to serve & defend our country. 

Everyday I pray for your safety and for the members of your family to have peace while you are away.

Whether you served previously or you’re currently serving, you are a hero. Never forget that. 

You deserve appreciation everyday for all that you do, but today, on Veterans Day, the day is dedicated to you so once again I will say it: thank you. 

Xoxo, Cassie.

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for ones friends.”

John 15:13