Discounts & More

If you’re anything like me, you love a good bargain! I aim to save money in whatever way I can. Below are some discount links and codes I have for you to save money, or earn money back on items you’re already purchasing!

*Disclaimer: The following features affiliate links that I may receive some commission or rewards for if you click on them, but they do not cost you to sign up!

Love casual and outdoor wear that spreads positive Christian messages? Want to support small businesses that give back? So do I! I am an ambassador for this brand and I absolutely love it! Ragamuffin Co. donates 10% of its profits to various charities- and you as the consumer get to choose which one you want your money going to! For 15% any order, use my code: CASSIEALLRED15

Do you need to take your dorm from drab to fab?

Use my link to get 20% your first purchase from dormify! I absolutely love their pieces- they make my apartment feel like home!

Do you love your fur babies? Do you need someone to dog-sit and care for them well? Use Rover! I use it personally and am also a sitter for them and LOVE it. Use my referral code: CASSIA17059 to get $20 off your FIRST booking!

Want to earn points that you can exchange for sweet rewards just by buying groceries? With Fetch Rewards, you simply scan your grocery receipts to earn points that go towards gift cards, discounts and more! Be rewarded for what you’re already buying. Use my link Here to sign up and start earning!

Speaking of saving on what you’re already buying… how does cash back sound? With Ibotta, you simply add items you want to buy to your wishlist for the deals of the week and you earn rebates on them! I’m careful to only get the things I need- but by simply scanning your receipts, you slowly build up some extra cash. Sign up here to get started!

Let’s talk about gas prices… insane, right? What if I told you there was an app that showed you what gas stations had lower prices AND gave you some money back per gallon? With GetUpside, you can do just this! Now it’s not gonna earn your a lot, but you’re already buying gas so getting $0.15 back per gallon for uploading your receipt isn’t a bad deal. Use my code GYYW7 for a 15¢/gal bonus when you sign up!